AI technologies for helping visually impaired, deaf and deaf-blind people
Our projects
Accessible environment
Special courses of planning and constructing buildings and surrounding grounds for people with disabilities. Necessary for designers and architects.
Bionic vision
The specialists of the Laboratory "Sensor-Tech" made the first in Russia operations of installing the bionic vision to the deaf-blind people
Lectures and research
The educational course "Gene therapy of retinal diseases"
The independent life is closer than you can imagine
Make an appointment to test any of our developments
The Laboratory "Sensor-Tech"
We are a big and smart team of the young specialists: scientists, developers, engineers and medics
The non-profit organization founded by The Deaf-Blind Support Foundation «Con-nection»
Skolkovo resident
We have our own production in Moscow. All the devices are assembled manually by expert technicians
Our projects are implemented under The National Technology Initiative (NTI)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can I test devices?
Yes, absolutely. Just fill the form to let us know which device you would like to test and we will organize everything. It's free:)
How can I buy the device if I am not in Russia?
Just let us know what you would like to buy and we will deliver in to you wherever you are. You can call us +7 (499) 398-06-77 or write an email to
How much cost Robin or Charly?
Our managers will be happy to answer to all your questions about the prices and technical details. Please call us call us +7 (499) 398-06-77 or write an email to
Who can use the VR-simulator See My World? How can I buy it?
"See My World" is very helpful for:
1) Ophthalmologists - to understand better their patients
2) Medical students
3) Relatives of visually impaired people - to understand how exactly they see and what kind of difficulties they face every day
4) Teachers who work with visually impaired students
5) Everyone who is into vision topics

The easiest way to get the VR-simulator is to download the App SMW Pro

If you need the computer version you can buy SeeMYWorld. Please let us know if you want to get it and we will tell you all details.
We try to be friends with our clients, so we are happy to answer your questions.
Russia, Moscow, Paveletskaya nab.,2/3
Phone: +7 (499) 398-06-77

We are located in the central part of the city.
The nearest subway is the Paveletskaya station.